Who Are We


UNITED Group is an expert in Engineering, Architecture and Facility Management services, that renders Planning, Design, Build, Operational, Maintenance and management services in the Retail, Commercial, Education, Government, Leisure & Recreation, Banking and Industrial Sectors. We have a portfolio of projects developed during the last 15 years.0

Since its establishment UNITED Group has gained the trust of its customers and has earned a reputation as one of the leading and most advanced companies in its domain.The capabilities of the Group are generally available to all its member companies. The Group being committed to becoming the ‘Pioneer’ in both regionally and globally, partner with customers to provide solutions for the toughest challenges.


UNITED FACILITY MANAGEMENT SERVICES is a Turkish-Lebanese company expert in Facility Management and Maintenance that works across all market sectors.

Our well managed team of experts utilise resources intelligently and efficiently to provide complete solutions for all aspects of facility, offering an innovative service which reflects the changing nature of our clients. We maintain growth through progressive expansion; continually demonstrating competence, discipline and best practice in a fast moving industry.

Flexible Solutions

Our years of experience in the Facilities Management and Maintenance allows us to provide high quality, cost effective and sustainable solutions to our clients.

We work in partnership with our clients to improve the operating performance of our services, delivering value whilst continuing to provide excellent service.

General Approach

Our client hired UFMS Facility Management services with the purpose of reducing maintenance costs considerably and to implement an information system for asset and incident management to supervise facility maintenance in general.


  • Up to 30% reduction of preventive maintenance costs of assets.
  • Reorganization and adaptation of corrective maintenance projects.
  • Reorganization of maintenance agreements; reduction and renewal of supplier portfolio, definition of scope and responsibilities.
  • Definition of SLA levels and KPI indicators regarding maintenance services.
  • Reorganization of incidence management, both at the technical and administrative levels.
  • Starting of a computing system for information and incident management.


Cost Saving

Have the best technical and energetic proposals that allow working with the most adjusted operational prices regarding facility suppliers.

Technical Management

UFMS has a wide experience in all the technical fields of facility, mainly based on design and facility from an engineering point of view. Our team is made up by the best specialists, always at the client service to improve technical assessment, property assets management, strategic purposes of assets and to identify improvement chances


Our knowledge and abilities of planning in the short/long term allow you to optimize you managing strategy and bring impacts forward.

Coordinated Management Of Facility Pool

When the facility has a pool of assets, UFMS services provide a wide view of the exploitation, achieving economies of scale in some fields and coordinating assets projects looking for an overall result.

Comprehensive Services

UFMS provide comprehensive consulting and technical services.


Our remuneration system is focused on client satisfaction and based on the securing of the established aims.


UFMS main purpose is client satisfaction, our business is not based on the implementation of maintenance tasks or investment, but on technical consulting services for the client.

Success Keys

Our business is first and foremost about excellent service delivery and continued, dedicated commitment to our clients.
Our actions: outstanding customer service, consistency and quality.
We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a truly personal service, going beyond what is required or expected.